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See our references.

The Municipal Roads Authority in Poznań

The Municipal Roads Authority in Poznań confirms that the company ``KĘSBET`` Wyroby Betonowe Stanisława Kęsek, with headquarters in Lubrza at ul. Wolności 28a - selected in the course of public procurement procedure - carried out tasks resulting from the contract for the supply of 180 pieces of concrete bins, containing a contribution of galvanized steel, in accordance with the Poznań City Furniture Catalog. The task was completed in 2016. The delivery provided by the ``KĘSBET`` company has been refreshed professionally, reliably on time, without any shots from our side. The baskets supplied are successfully used in everyday use in urban space.

Ireneusz Woźny

Associate Director

Management of Municipal Services in Stargardzie

Municipality of Stargard - Public Utilities Management in Stargard informs that the company ``KĘSBET`` Concrete Products Stanisława Kęsek in accordance with contract No. 20/2017 concluded on 27.10.2017 made and delivered 20 pcs octagonal concrete baskets with a capacity of 70 liters, stable in colored graphite grits with metal cartridges. The ``KĘSBET`` company completed the order in a timely manner and with due diligence. This company is characterized by reliable and professional service. I recommend the company ``KĘSBET`` as a solidary partner for cooperation.

Katarzyna Rybaczuk

Director of the Board of Municipal Services in Stargard

Town Hall of Ustroń

City of Ustroń, ul. Nowy Rynek 1 informs that the company ``KĘSBET`` Wyroby Budonowe Stanisław Kęsek with its headquarters in Lubrza completed the task: supply of street bins for animal excrement, bags for dog droppings, street garbage bins and concrete bins along with their setting in the city of Ustroń . The task was carried out in accordance with the order ``KĘSBET``. Concrete products Stanisław Kęsek delivered to the city 7 pieces of baskets for animal excrement, 40 pieces of street garbage bins and 30,000 bags for dog feces. The service was performed reliably and on time. The above is the basis for recommending the Contractor, because the service in question was duly performed.

Jadwiga Krajewska-Gojny

Deputy Mayor of the City Ustroń

Community Goleszów

The company Kęsbet showed a good organization related to the delivery. The order was completed efficiently and reliably. With full responsibility, we recommend the company to other entities as a reliable, professional and trustworthy partner.

Michał Kozłowski

Head of the Municipal Papers, Community Goleszów

Municipality Besiekierz

The ``KĘSEBT`` small architecture products met the expectations and were in line with the manufacturer's description. The whole course of the cooperation so far allows us to perceive the company as a reliable and professional partner offering a solid product.

Jan Rodak

Director GSTiK, Beskierz

Community Czarna Dąbrówka

The delivered concrete products were made of good quality materials. The experience gained so far during cooperation with the company allows us to state that it is a trustworthy company whose services can be recommended to other partners.

Jan Klasa

Mayor, Community Czarna Dąbrówka

Community Czarny Bór

The service was performed correctly, on time and with due diligence. On the basis of our own positive experience, it can be said with full conviction that Przedsiębiorstwo ``KĘSEK`` Wyroby Betonowe Stanisława Kęsek guarantees a high level of services provided.

Tomasz Gromala

Commune secretary, Community Czarny Bór

Community Głogówek

Deliveries were always made with due diligence and without reservations and within the contractual period. Cooperation with KĘSEBT allows you to confirm professionalism and commitment to the assigned tasks. We recommend the KĘSBET company as a worthy partner for cooperation in the delivery of small urban architecture.

Barbara Wróbel

Deputy Mayor, Gmina Głogówek

Board of the City Greenery in Rzeszów

The Management of Zieleni Miejska in Rzeszów certifies that the company ``KĘSBET`` Concrete Products - Stanisław Kęsek in 2017 implemented agreements No. 6.ZO.233.2.2017 from February 15 and 76.ZO.233.16.2017 from October 23, consisting in the performance and delivery of concrete rubbish bins along with galvanized steel inserts. The contracts were completed on time, and the delivered goods were characterized by high quality and compliance with the requirements of the ordering party.

Aleksandra Wąsowicz-Duch

Director of the Municipal Green Board in Rzeszów

Municipal Public Works w Stalowej Woli

With this reference letter, we are confirming that the company ``KĘSBET`` Wyroby Budonowe Stanisława Kęsek with its registered office in Lubrza within the framework of the signed contract has completed the order for the supply of street bins, including 300 pieces of concrete baskets and 50 baskets of metal. The order was completed with due diligence and in accordance with the agreed deadline. Cooperation with ``KĘSBET`` Concrete Products by Stanisław Kęsek is very good and we recommend it as a reliable contractor and supplier.

Anna Pasztaleniec

Chairman of the Board MZK Stalowa Wola

Community Żukowo

Żukowo commune with headquarters ul. Gdańska 52 in Żukowo hereby confirms that ``KĘSBET`` Concrete Products by Stanisław Kęsek was the contractor of the task entitled ``Purchase of street baskets`` on the basis of orders dated 14/03/2017, 15/05/2017. and 03/10. 2017. ``KĘSBET`` Concrete Products by Stanisław Kęsek fulfilled the signed order in a proper way. The delivery of baskets was smooth and timely.

Grzegorz Rek

Head of the Department Żukowo

Municipality and the Communal Office Września

The company ``KĘSBET`` Wyroby Budonowe, Stanisława Kęsek realized for the Town and Commune Office in Września in 2017 as part of the order delivery of 300 square pieces of concrete baskets. The order was completed on time, in accordance with the accepted standards, without any comments as to the quality of the product delivered, which indicates great experience and professionalism in the execution of orders.

Marek Przyjemski

Head of the Municipal Department Wrześni

City Tomaszów Lubelski

The Mayor of Tomaszów Lubelski attests that he has very good experience resulting from cooperation with the company ``KĘSBET`` Wyroby Budonowe Stanisław Kęsek based in Lubrza, buying in 2015-2018 concrete bins, cartridges and bicycle racks. The practice of cooperation allows us to state that the products of the ``KĘSBET`` company are of high quality, aesthetic, have interesting colors of concrete, resistant and durable, they are fully effective in urban conditions. The order realization was successful. Based on previous cooperation, I can recommend the company ``KĘSBET`` as a reliable, reliable and reliable contractor.

Tadeusz Wagner

Deputy Mayor of the City Tomaszów Lubelski

Municipality Szaflary

I declare that the company ``KĘSBET`` Wyroby Budonowe Stanisław Kęsek with headquarters in Lubrza on time and with due diligence performed in July 2016 delivery of 20 concrete baskets and 23 benches, and in September 2017 delivery of 3 concrete benches. We recommend the company ``KĘSBET`` as a reliable supplier of concrete products.

Rafał Szkaradziński

Village Mayor Szaflary