Concrete tables - for leisure and relaxation

Perfect for a picnic in a city park, a game of chess in a circle of friends or a meal during a trip

Solid concrete tables

Concrete leisure tables are very durable and aesthetically pleasing urban and garden furniture, usually placed in parks, housing estates, parking lots and picnic areas. In addition to standard leisure tables, we produce many models of gaming tables. Most of our products are equipped with benches or seats.

Durable and functional concrete tables

Setting the concrete tables outdoors promotes a nice way of spending time together. At picnic tables, we can organize a picnic, barbecue or simply spend time with your loved ones. On the other hand, gaming tables provide great entertainment for children and adults. Our offer includes concrete tables for social board games, such as: Ludo, chess, tennis, table football.

  • The offer includes several types of picnic tables and gaming tables
  • The concrete elements of the tables can be made of aggregates of various colours
  • The seats are made of wooden slats available in rich colours
  • They are made of materials resistant to weather conditions and vandals

Change the zone of urban recreation thanks to concrete leisure and gaming tables

Discover the wide range of our concrete products for leisure.

Durable concrete tables for versatile use


Concrete tables perfectly match various types of buildings and perfectly blend into green areas.

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Concrete tables are resistant to frost, sun and precipitation. In addition, they are also resistant to mechanical damage.


Many models of concrete tables have such heavy weight that there is no need to attach them to the ground.

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Some tables are assembled to the ground on paving stones or asphalt by screwing with expansion bolts, and on a soft substrate by anchoring on special prefabricated foundations.