Concrete benches

Concrete benches - perfect for the park or promenade

Durable and practical concrete benches

A large part of our offer are concrete park and city benches. These benches have a solid concrete base and aesthetic wooden seats. They are made of high quality concrete, aggregates and solid wooden elements. These products are a functional element of public space. They are set in parks, streets, squares and avenues.

We produce different types of concrete benches

We offer a very large selection of concrete benches.  We produce single benches as well as such sets that can be combined to create, for example, a semi-circle or rows of benches. Depending on the type of bench, they can be attached to the ground in various ways or left as a free-standing element. Some benches do not require any fixing due to their weight.

  • The offer includes several types of concrete benches
  • Galvanized metal parts, additionally protected with anti-corrosive paint
  • High resistance to mechanical damage and weather conditions
  • Wide selection of colours of aggregates and wooden finishing

Comfortable and durable concrete benches perfectly fitting into any space

We offer a wide selection of concrete and metal benches.

Concrete benches for urban and private spaces


Concrete benches are an aesthetic element of space. They perfectly fit into the park landscape and other urban areas.


Concrete benches are also made to order. We implement original, non-standard projects of our clients.


Concrete benches blend in perfectly with other elements of urban space, such as planters, stands, sidewalks


Concrete benches are available in versions with backrest and without backrest.