Concrete bench 440a

Concrete bench 440a

Bench code: 440a:                  Bench code: 440b:

Height: 38 cm                  Height: 49 cm

Sizes: 240×40 cm          Sizes: 240×40 cm

Weight: 240 kg              Weight: 320 kg

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Concrete elements of the bench are made of high quality C40/50 concrete reinforced with steel and micro-reinforcement, made in the exposed aggregate concrete called also as “washed concrete” technology covered with washed stone or a mixture of grits.

The seat is made of spruce wood, 4 cm thick, painted twice with stain varnish with the colour selected from our range of colours, varnished.

Metal parts are powder coated and protected against corrosion.


Free-standing bench with the possibility of fixing to the ground with an anchor or expansion bolt on a hard surface (pavement stone, asphalt), on a soft ground (soil) a concrete foundation should be made.

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