Concrete parking bollards

Concrete bollards - safety and order

They organize the space and set safe traffic limits for pedestrians and vehicles

Concrete bollards - permanent spatial solutions

We offer bollards made of washed concrete. These products are ideally suited for separating spaces for cars and protecting pavements and yards from vehicle entry. They also blend well along alleys and pavements. They are aesthetic and very easy to assemble.

Aesthetic and durable concrete bollards

Our offer includes concrete bollards of various shapes and sizes. We manufacture and sell products with dimensions from 30 to 110 centimetres, in a variety of styles. We offer bollards in the shape of a sphere, prism, cup, hexagon and many others. All our bollards are equipped with special rods for fixing in the ground.

  • We offer several dozen types of concrete parking bollards
  • Resistant to weather conditions
  • Free-standing or attached to the ground with special rods
  • Solid and aesthetically made

Appropriate organization of urban space, thanks to the use of concrete bollards

A wide selection at an affordable price.

Solid concrete bollards


We strive to fulfil every order in a short time.


Concrete bollards are a lasting solution for years. They will not get knocked over by the wind or stolen by thieves.

różnorodna kolorystyka betonu


Thanks to the use of various aggregates, the bollards are available in rich range of colours.


The bollards are also visible after dark. They constitute a safe and functional element of urban space.