Architectural concrete

Architectural concrete - a stylish accent to the interior and the open space

Perfect for minimalist arrangements. Perfect in the main role or as a background for the other materials

Stylish architectural concrete

We manufacture and sell proven quality architectural concrete products that are suitable for indoor and outdoor applications. Our products are primarily slabs, planters, surfaces and architectural concrete accessories. In the production process, we use mixed concrete according to individual recipes that faithfully reproduces the beauty and rawness of this fashionable and durable raw material.

Architectural concrete for versatile use

The architectural concrete we produce is characterized by a smooth surface and an interesting structural layer. Visible streaks and discolouration underline its beauty and character. Thanks to its raw appearance it ideally composes with other materials, such as wood. Cladding of modern architectural concrete can be mounted almost anywhere – on the walls of a flat or house, building façades, floors, fences, balconies and terraces.

Are you looking for non-standard solutions? We are happy to offer you a suitable solution using architectural concrete. We are looking forward to our cooperation.

  • Our offer is a wide selection of architectural concrete products – planters, benches, decorative elements, slabs and other elements of street furniture
  • Architectural concrete slabs can be used as wall or floor cladding
  • Architectural concrete is a material that is very plastic in the production stage, thanks to which it has practically unlimited design possibilities

Natural and high-quality elements of architectural concrete

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High-quality elements of architectural concrete


Architectural concrete is a material that creates unusual arrangements.


Architectural concrete is just as durable and solid as ordinary concrete. Elements made of this material look perfect for many years.


We are able to make a variety of concrete products - in the selected shape, size and texture.

specjalne zamówienia


We provide fast and reliable implementation of each order.

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